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[Meme]Waiting on Wednesday [#47]

Book two of the dazzling Winner's Trilogy is a fight to the death as Kestrel risks betrayal of country for love.

The engagement of Lady Kestrel to Valoria’s crown prince means one celebration after another. But to Kestrel it means living in a cage of her own making. As the wedding approaches, she aches to tell Arin the truth about her engagement…if she could only trust him. Yet can she even trust herself? For—unknown to Arin—Kestrel is becoming a skilled practitioner of deceit: an anonymous spy passing information to Herran, and close to uncovering a shocking secret.

As Arin enlists dangerous allies in the struggle to keep his country’s freedom, he can’t fight the suspicion that Kestrel knows more than she shows. In the end, it might not be a dagger in the dark that cuts him open, but the truth. And when that happens, Kestrel and Arin learn just how much their crimes will cost them (goodreads).

I really don't think I have to explain this one. Did you NOT read my glowing review for The Winner's Curse?? I can't wait to see where Kestrel and Arin go from here. SO MUCH BETRAYAL. SO MUCH. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[Meme]Teaser Tuesday [#42]

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 "That's it? No sage words? No dire warnings?"
"Saints, Alina. I hope you weren't looking to me to be hte voice of reason. I keep a strict diet of ill-advised ehusiasm and heatfelt regret."

Page 132
Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Monday, October 20, 2014

Discussion: Continuing a Series

In the book world, series have become almost expected when a new book comes out. When a standalone book comes out every now and then I actually rejoice! Why? Because that means that the book will actually be wrapped up and I don't have to spend 2 years trying to get answers! With so many new series popping up out of the woodwork, it's hard to decide which series I want to start.

I'm an extremely picky reader, if I am not 100% invested in this book won't have any motivation to continue the series. The first book in a series is kind of an extended job interview for me.

Source: SecEd

I've had this happen to me for a number of books. If I like a book (like, not love) I probably won't be motivated to continue the series ASAP. This basically means that any 3 star or 3.5 star books. See, I told you I was picky. I can probably count the number the series that I have finished from beginning to end on one finger. In fact, let's list them below. 

7. I HAVE COMPLETED 7 SERIES IN MY ADULTish LIFE TIME. You want to know how many series I have started? 68!!!! I actually counted on GoodReads and I kind of felt sick to my stomach as the number kept increasing. o.O

Now granted, some of these are series that are still coming out say for instance: 

but still, 6 series titles does not make up for the other 62 series that I have started reading. A lot of them are series that I have no interest in continuing because the first installment didn't pass the "interview." 

And on the flip side, some of these unfinished series are from titles that I absolutely adore. "So Amber, what's your excuse for not reading them?" You may ask me. That's easy, I suffer from Book ADHD. This usually happens when the series surpasses three books and it has been five years or more since the initial installment. I get distracted, easily. There are so many new books to get excited about, these books kind of get neglected. 

 I love you Dark Hunters and Chicagoland Vampires,  but I'm already like four books behind and I don't think I can make it back on this wagon. ):

My attention span can only take so many books. Seriously, I have been reading Dark Hunters since I was 15. THAT'S OVER 10 YEARS OF BOOKS. I JUST CAN'T. I also started The Chicago Vampires series about six years ago, well before I discovered book blogging and got to interact with fellow bloggers and authors about upcoming books. AND THERE ARE SO MANY. 

What about you? Do you have to finish any series that you start? What are some series that you are anxious to finish? Let me know below!

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Weekly Wrap Up: October 12-18, 2014

Tuesday: Teaser Tuesday

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(Audio Book)

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas [GoodReads]
Made for You by Melissa Marr [GoodReads]

I Want it That Way by Ann Aguirre [GoodReads]


My goodness this has been a crazy week. I woke up on Wednesday morning to texts from my parents telling me that my grandfather on my stepdad's side had passed. Initially, I was pretty okay with the news. He had been fighting Kidney Cancer for ten months now and when I spoke to hi on his birthday, he told me how he had his good days and bad days. I was very practical about the whole situation. It wasn't until about 10AM when I logged on facebook and saw all the pictures of him that my family members had posted, then I lost it. Completely broke down, couldn't read, couldn't focus,  and on top of that, I had to go to work. Teaching for five hours when you don't really have a lot of positive energy was probably one the hardest things I've ever done. ): I don't mean to depress you all, I just needed to get it out. I've always been told that I'm terrible at expressing myself, it's even cost me some friendships in the past. The funeral was on Saturday, so I think I'm done mourning. Let's celebrate his life instead. :)

In much happier news, I have an interview for an internship tomorrow so cross your fingers that I get it! I'm getting my master's degree in teaching this December but I think I want to change my focus already. Haha. So I'm getting an internship in international education to give myself some more experience outside of the classroom. 

I hope you're all doing well! Have a great week!

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Dewey's 24 Hour Read a thon

So after a lot of back and forth I finally decided to join in on my first ever 24 hour Read-a-thon. I was a bit hesitant because my grandfather's funeral is tomorrow and I knew that I was going to be a mess for most of the day, but I think that having this read-a-thon will help distract me from life suckiness. So here's to books!

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